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I ran across the video below while surfing YouTube and thought, Wow every racer needs to see this.

While watching the video, replace "hunting ducks" with "winning races". Us racers start thinking, I need to win more races to get sponsored. The Duckmen discuss the exact opposite in the video.

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Don't get me wrong it helps to have a good racing record when talking to sponsors but as the Duckmen said, "It ain't about the ducks". Sponsors are much more interested in your audience. They want to know if you can reach people and influence them into buying their products and services.

I think the most powerful part of this video is when Phil is talking about the Guide/Professor getting the run around from cold calling potential sponsors. His answer to the Professor, "Get your product out first" is the key point of the whole video.

He is not saying sit back and wait for sponsors to come to you. He is saying they did it wrong for a long time. When they finally started entertaining people they got sponsored.

So if we want serious sponsorship we need to do much more than put stickers on our cars and make a few facebook posts. We need to be entertaining our fans during the week when we are not at the track. By getting the most we can out of our social media, websites and video.

We are in the process of creating a series of articles and videos to help racers create a product that will help attract sponsors. So stay tuned to the Race Page Pro website and follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see when we publish each article.

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About the Author: David Chambers is the founder of Race Page Pro and a fellow racer of 33 plus years as a dirt late model crew chief.