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Are you tired of sponsors slipping through your fingers when you ask for a large sum of money?
Why not give them the option to pay a smaller amount each month?
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What is Sponsor Pro™ and how does it work?
Sponsor Pro™ allows you to easily sell racing sponsorships as a monthly subscription. Sponsors can purchase a sponsorship plan right from your Race Page Pro website.
You set the price per month , number of months and what your plans include.
After a sponsor purchases a plan from your website the Sponsor Pro™ system will automatically charge the sponsors card each month and put the money in your bank account.
So instead of giving a sponsor Sticker Shock with the full yearly sponsorship amount. You can say, "It's only this much per month".
Now you can have a racing website that makes money instead of costing money!
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"It's quick and easy to update my website. The system is very user friendly."
Bailey North
#29 Bandelero
"They have been so easy to work with. Their support has been top notch. My sponsors love it."
Tyler Stutler
#265 Super Late Model
"The quality of these websites are second to none. The sponsor features are awesome."
Alex Hendren
#29A Crate Late Model
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